If you would like to set a run contact the Trail Master. If you don't want to set a run, you may be required too!  
If you've never set a run before, the Trail Master is happy to help - just ask  
Runs start at 6:30pm - unless stated      
Normal charges::: From home / park = $15.00 each.  From a restaurant or pub = pay as you go. Free piss stop
Year 2024 Run No: Hare/s Location: Map
5-Mar   2344 Prelube to Interhash Devonport. Meet at CBD ferry at 6:15 for those coming from the cityside
        Ferry leaves at 6:30, therefore buy your ticket before 6:15
        Run at Devonport starts at 6:40.  
        Driving: Park behind the library  
8th - 10th March   Interhash Queenstown.  
12-Mar   2346 Crude 3/31 Craig Road, Milford. Top floor of the apartment building
19-Mar   2347 Dickorum & LC 13 Mahara Ave, Birkenhead  
26-Mar   2348 Magpie & Indenial 79 Unsworths Drive, Unsworth Heights  
30-Mar   127 Mangawahi HHH  TBA  
2-Apr   2349 Magpie & Indenial 79 Unsworths Drive, Unsworth Heights  
6-Apr   2350      
9-Apr   2351      
13-Apr   2352      
16-Apr   2353      
20-Apr   2354      
23-Apr   2355      
27-Apr   2356      
30-Apr   2357      
4-May   2358      
7-May   2359      
11-May   2360      
14-May   2361      
18-May   2362 Rarotonga For those that can make it.